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Why You Choose Our Product
- Aug 06, 2018 -

4In deep well pump

1、All stainless steel outlet patent technology  clean、safe、 without pollution and ensure that the sealing performance under high pressure


2、With sand storage and anti sand patent technology (Patent No:ZL 2013 2 0793702.0)effectively prevent sand backflow the impeller stuck to reduce the wear of impeller, thus to improve product durability and use stablity


3、Treated by high temperature quenching and precise processing straightening make the stainless steel impeller shaft  no bending, no wearto to reduce the motor load, low operation noise, prolonging the service life .

4、Engineering plastic impeller patent(Patent No:ZL 2016 2 0920147.7), through the optimization design of hydraulic model make the product more flow,lift highe, lower energy consumption!

5、The full stainless steel pump shell protects your water source without pollution

6、After many years of research, the motor part has been constantly adjusted to improve the coil data and cooperate with the imported cold  rolling 600 material stator and rotor, so that the strong power can improve the efficiency of the product to make the energy conservation more availability.

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