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The Working Principle Of The Screw Pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Working principle of screw pump, vividly as a metaphor, can put the screw and the transmission medium as the relative motion of the screw and nut, when screw rotation, if the limit screw can not make the axial movement, the nut will make axial movement along the screw. The screw can be seen as a screw in a screw pump, and the medium filled with a spiral groove is a liquid nut. But only according to the above principles into institutions, because from the discharge chamber of the pump to connect into the mouth, can't transfer media from the pump suction chamber up to the discharge chamber, must also solve the screw helix surface in the screw pump in screw bushing hole mesh formation of the spiral groove space effectively separates the inhalation and discharge cavity of the pump, screw meshing contact line between helical surface (that is, the meshing line) is separated from the role. This sealed cavity actually ACTS as a valve in a reciprocating pump. In order to rotate the screw, the medium in the cavity of the liquid nut can be used as a straight line moving from the suction chamber to the discharge chamber along the axial direction, effectively discharging the medium out of the pump. In this case, the word "effective" is emphasized because as mentioned above, in fact, the sealing chamber is not completely sealed, and there will always be some media leaking back into the chamber from the discharge chamber. Obviously, it is only when the leaking part of the medium is relatively small that the pump's work makes sense. The less the leakage medium, the volume efficiency of the pump, the higher, therefore, the volumetric efficiency, is a very important measure of the performance of the screw pump.

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