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The Stainless Steel Pump Will Be A Leader In China's Pump Industry
- Apr 10, 2018 -

China stainless steel special steel association President li cheng stainless steel consumption market of China. This analysis from the consumption of the apparent consumption has reached the world's highest level of the China nearly a quarter of the total global consumption, people are stainless steel consumption is 3.4 KG, as to the developing countries. But the consumption growth is slowing, and by more than 30% average annual growth rate of ultra-high speed development stage, into the steady development stage of growth rate of 6.43%. The stainless steel itself because of its corrosion resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant features, in our country focus on the development of energy, petrochemical, electric power, mining and other fields is widely used.

In recent years, the stainless steel in the increasingly widespread, including in industry structure, environmental protection and water industry, building industry, industrial facilities, the demand will also rise year by year. In the water industry industry, water contamination in the process of its storage and transportation problem has increasingly attention for people. A lot of practice has proved that the stainless steel is preparation, storage, transport, water purification and regeneration, such as desalination water industry best material. Its advantage is: corrosion resistance, resistance to earthquake, water, health (no rust and copper green), light weight (1/3), less maintenance, long service life (can use 40 years), low life cycle cost (LCC), belongs to the green environmental protection material can be recycled. According to introducing, at present, the Tokyo area stainless steel pipeline has reached 76%, pipeline leak rate from 14.7% down to 7.5% now, Osaka, Japan suffered earthquake, stainless steel water storage tank is in good condition. Recently, Japan developed corrugated pipe joint, make the stainless steel water pipe road construction costs by 20%, 3% lower total cost, the maintenance cost reduce 3/4.

From what has been discussed above, the stainless steel industry led by stainless steel pump, has good market prospects for development, provide relevant personage predicts that China's stainless steel pump market in recent ten years of 20-3 billion. Stainless steel pump with corrosion resistance, resistance to earthquake, water, health and safety, light weight, less maintenance, long service life, low life cycle cost, recycling and a series of advantages, won the love of the market, we have reason to believe that, by adding green stainless steel materials, stainless steel pump must be able to become a leading pioneer in pump industry of China, for China's development of the cause of the pump.

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