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The Detection Content Of Deep Well Pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The deep well pump is characterized by assembling the outer barrel and liner on the ground and then putting it into the well below the tubing and then putting it into the fixed valve, and then the plunger is inserted into the pump at the lower end of the sucker rod.

1. Observe the tubular pump, which can be divided into combination pump and whole barrel pump according to the structure. Combination pumping oil pump: consists of the outer working cylinder and the bushing, plunger (inside the plunger inside the plunger) and the fixed van. The whole barrel pump: consists of pump barrel, plunger (inside the plunger) and fixed vall. It with combination pump has the following advantages: simple structure, light weight, no liner, in the process of transportation and the well no bushing dislocation phenomenon occurs, pump barrel length can be longer, but make it adapt to the long stroke pumping oil pump.

2. Observe the rod pump, rod pump is assembled on the ground after the pump on the lower end of the rod string, as a whole through tubing in advance by the installation of the tubing under reserve position within the working barrel with spring. Its characteristic is: the check pump does not need to rise the tubing, the check pump is convenient; Complex structure and high manufacturing cost; Under the same tubing diameter, the pump diameter is smaller than the tubular pump, so the displacement is small. Therefore, the rod pump is suitable for the lower pump depth, but the lower production well.

3. Observe the electric submersible pump, including the submersible motor, protector, separator and multi-stage centrifugal pump. The submersible motor is a bipolar and three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor. The protective device is a device that USES the difference between the well fluid and the oil density to prevent the well fluid from entering the motor causing a short circuit. The oil and gas separator separates the free gas to prevent and reduce the gas inlet pump, so that the multi-stage centrifugal pump can work normally. The multi-stage centrifugal pump increases the pressure and velocity of the well, thus obtaining a certain lift and lifting it to the ground.

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