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Drainage Warrior In Deep Well Pump Deep Underground Well
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The maximum difference between a deep well pump and another type of pump is that the motor and pump body can be effectively synthesized. The method of draining and transporting water in underground Wells has always been done manually, and the addition of water pumps has changed this situation. At that time, many underground Wells were too deep, and ordinary pump bodies could not sink, which caused a lot of problems for the drainage. The deep well pump is specially designed for underground deep well. The pump body is combined with the motor, so that the flow and lift of the deep well pump have been improved. Before starting the pump should be according to the provisions of the equipment technical documents of water embellish rubber bearing, and failed to check the motor before into the well to the submersible pumps, shall be determined according to the change of starting current motor right turn. The deep well pump needs to be filled with liquid before opening the pump, so be sure to pay special attention when using it. The pressure increase of the deep well pump is also very high for the pump body, so that it can be discharged continuously under the action of atmospheric pressure.

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