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Defective Description Of Screw Pump And Discussion On Fault
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Regarding the pump of the screw pump, in its understanding and understanding, it can be said that so far, it has reached a certain degree, and has a certain amount of knowledge in order to work well in the actual work of the product. Use it to benefit yourself. Therefore, in order to further reflect its value, the following will continue to carry out this work, mainly to explain some new knowledge content.

1. Screw pump, is there a disadvantage?

The screw pump has disadvantages, and the main one is: The requirements for the processing and assembly of its internal screw are relatively high. In addition, if the liquid viscosity changes, it will affect the performance of the screw pump. Because, this type of pump is sensitive to the viscosity of the liquid and its changes.

2. What is the benefit of a screw pump if it has a hydraulic reversing device on it?

If there is a hydraulic reversing device on the screw pump, it is obtained as an independent device and can be improved on the driving device. Therefore, for the screw pump, its benefits are mainly simple operation, stable and reliable braking, and good heat dissipation performance. It is a good device.

3. What is the reason why the screw pump does not discharge? And how should it be solved or prevented?

If the screw pump fails to discharge, the specific reasons are: leakage in the pump, leakage in the feed line, damage or damage to the screw pump components, and problems in conveying the material.

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