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Comparison Between Deep Well Pump And Deep Well Submersible Pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The deep well pump adopts long shaft, intermediate coupling and bearing, so it brings a series of problems in the structure, installation, efficiency of the pump group and the use and maintenance.

(1) the lift of the pump is limited by the shaft length. At present, because of the material limit, the shaft cannot be too long; Otherwise, the rigidity of the shaft will cause problems. The lift is limited to less than 80 meters.

(2) a lot of leprosy and installation costs have been added to the installation of the intermediate link uranizer and bearing to the deep well pump.

(3) friction between the bearing and the long uranium increases the mechanical loss and reduces the efficiency of the deep well pump.

(4) the long axis and the intermediate link uranizer consume a large amount of steel and are machined to increase the cost of the deep well pump.

(5) the intermediate bearing is liable to fail, which reduces the reliability of the submersible pump operation; Increase the maintenance work and operation cost of the deep well pump.

The deep well submersible pump has eliminated the long shaft and intermediate bearing, and has overcome the disadvantages of the deep well pump and has a series of advantages.

(1) deep well submersible pump can range from a few meters to a thousand meters; Displacement can also be made larger, from a few tons to thousands of tons per hour.

(2) of the deep well submersible pump motor and pump assembly directly, or made into an organic whole, have no long axis, together into the water to use, simple structure, light weight, easy installation, high reliability in operation and maintenance is convenient.

(3) deep well submersible pump is used in the water, and no pump room is needed, which can save the infrastructure investment.

(4) low loss of deep well submersible pump, high efficiency, energy saving and electricity bill,

(5) deep well submersible pump is used in the water, which has no effect on ambient temperature, no noise, no explosion, and safe and reliable operation.

(6) remote operation and control can be carried out for deep well submersible pump through the electric equipment on the ground.

The pumps used in both deep and deep well submersible pumps are centrifugal. They operate on the same principle, structure and performance, but the motor is two completely identical motors.

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