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Classification Of Screw Pumps
- Apr 10, 2018 -

There are many kinds of screw pumps, and there are many ways to classify them. The most common categories are:

1. According to the number of maggots in the screw pump.

Although this classification is recognized by the surface features of the pump, it is the most important classification method because it has its characteristics in the field of application and reflects the important characteristics of the pump. It is usually divided into four categories: single screw pump, double screw pump, three-screw pump and five-screw pump. The current production and application of little four screw pump is generally not alone as a category, and according to its type screw on the surface of the spiral line type, type line attached to the helical surface with the same three screw pump this category, as three screw pump products. And if three screw pump with different spiral lines below to form four screw pump, the author thought that in the same volume of cases, the traffic isn't big five screw pump, and no other is superior, so there is no existing value.

2. The closed situation of spiral groove space formed when the screw is meshed in the pump is usually divided into the sealed screw pump and the non-sealed screw pump. Seal type of screw pump is the screw spiral section inside the empty of screw sleeve when mesh each other in the composition of the meshing line of spiral groove space could, in principle, the pump discharge and suction cavity completely separated from the pump called seal type screw pump. In theory the seal chamber can't pump suction cavity and discharge chamber separated completely, pump at run time, the media can be taken out from the cavity through the seal chamber without meshing line, part of the back into the suction chamber is called non sealed screw pump.

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