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A Brief Analysis Of The Safety Requirements Of The Deep Well Pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

1. Before starting the deep well pump, check and confirm:

(1) the base foundation bolts are fastened;

(2) the axial clearance meets the requirements, and the safety nut of the adjusting bolt has been installed;

(3) the packing gland is screwed and lubricated;

(4) motor bearing has been lubricated;

(5) it is flexible and effective to rotate motor rotor and stop mechanism with hand.

2. The deep well pump shall use the clean water with sand content less than 0.01%, and the pump room shall have a pre-run water tank, which shall meet the pre-run amount of water needed to start the operation.

3. The newly installed or repaired deep well pump shall adjust the clearance between the pump shell and the impeller, and the impeller shall not have friction with the shell during operation.

4. The deep well pump should be pre-run in the shell of the shaft and bearing before operation.

5. The deep well pump shall not be idled without water. One or two stage impeller of the pump should be submerged under 1m. The change of water level in the well should be frequently observed in operation.

6. In operation, when there is a large vibration around the foundation, the bearing of the water pump should be checked and the wear of the motor packing should be checked; When there is too much wear and leakage, new parts should be replaced.

7. The deep well pump containing the mud sand has been sucked and discharged. Before the pump is stopped, the water should be washed clean.

8. Before stopping the pump, shut off the outlet valve, cut off the power supply and lock the switch box. When the winter is out of service, the water in the pump should be released.

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