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What is the difference between a submersible pump and a deep well pump?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

The deep pump structure is slender. The motor and the impeller are connected by a long shaft. The motor is generally above the water surface and is suitable for working in an elongated space.


     The submersible pump, the motor and the impeller are integrated into one by mechanical seal, and the whole works under water, which is suitable for the extraction work of large space.


Deep well pumps and submersible pumps are widely used in daily life. So what do they have in common? The common point of submersible pumps and deep well pumps is the pumps under the potential water. The difference is that the general submersible pump is a single-stage impeller with small lift, large pump body and low power. The deep well pump is a multi-section pump with a large lift and a small and long pump body suitable for small-diameter deep-water wells with relatively high power. The quality of deep well pumps is relatively better.


Deep well pumps and submersible pumps are all centrifugal pumps, and the working principle is the same.

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