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Use environmental requirements for deep well pumps
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Deep well pump is widely used in farmland irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage and sewage treatment. Since the motor also submerges in the water, there is a certain requirement for the use environment of the deep well pump.

First of all, the deep well pump selection should be the right choices based on the characteristics of the construction site conditions, deep well pump strict in water sediment concentration, limited within 3%, large sediment concentration, easy to damage the seal, once the motor inlet, bearing, winding insulation damage, lead to motor burn out, only the selected head needed by the head of the deep well pump and the actual close to water pump to the efficient and stable operation, otherwise will influence greatly on pump operation, selection of main consideration when flow, lift, supporting power, rated current, outlet pipe diameter, etc.

The use environment of deep well pump should meet the following requirements:

(1) when the large well is 240-350 meters deep, the aperture is 660 mm, and the filter material is 2-5mm and 90 cubic meters.

The power supply frequency is 50Hz, and the rated voltage is the three-phase ac power supply with the tolerance of plus or minus 5%;

(2) the water intake thickness is 86 meters, and the solid content (by mass meter) is not greater than 0.01%;

(3) the static water level is 30 meters and the moving water level is 50 meters. The inlet of the large well pump must be below the level of lm, but the diving depth shall not exceed 70m below the static water level, and the bottom of the pump is at least 2m from the bottom of the well. The water quality of the well water temperature 20 is neutral (the PH value is 6.5-8.5).

(4) the rated voltage of the pump motor is 380V and 660V, the speed is 2850r/min, the rated power is 90KW and 100KW, and the motor cannot be mixed.

(5) it is required that the well is vertical and the well wall is smooth, and the well tube shall not be staggered.

These are the requirements of the deep well pump in the use of the environment.

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