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Transmission device requirements of long shaft deep well pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Transmission device requirements of long shaft deep well pump:

1. All kinds of transmission devices shall be equipped with rolling bearing or sliding bearing bearing the axial force of the pump.

The axial force consists of the maximum weight of all the rotating parts and the water thrust of the pump in allowing the maximum lift to run.

2. The transmission device should be reliable to prevent the reverse mechanism and prevent dust and rainwater from entering the bearing room.

3. The belt wheel drive device can adopt the flat belt or the triangle belt drive, its maximum transmission power;

When the pump speed is 2940r/min, it is not greater than 18.5kw.

The pump speed is 1460r/min, not greater than 55kW.

4. Gear box transmission device adopts a pair of orthogonal bevel gear transmission, which is connected with the horizontal prime mover through universal coupling.

5, drive shaft (including special vertical hollow shaft with the electric motor shaft of the motor) to match the pump seat parts packing should be hard chrome plated or set set, in order to improve the surface wear resistance.

6. The moving device shall be fully lubricated and cooled. When using thin oil lubrication, the oil temperature at work should not be higher than 75 C.

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