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Single screw pump USES food industry attention
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Understanding of single screw pump should be know, single screw pump is ideal for use in the industries of some health level is higher, such as health, food and beverage industry, etc., so when the single screw pump used in the food industry from time to tome what to notice?

1. One of the most important points in the use of single screw pumps in the food industry is hygienic cleanliness, so be sure to wash and disinfect the single-screw pump when it is put into use.

2, single screw pump if placed in damp environment for a long time or in damp environment will be easy to corrosion, and so on must pay attention to the corrosion, and the corrosion rust occur if must be processed in a timely manner, with the change of parts to follow change in time.

3, in a single screw pump shelved after a long period of time in use, may in the transport medium will produce a precipitate or stem node, this also need to be washed, details refer to the manual of manufacturer to provide.

4, because in the cleaning of the single screw pump the stator will experience heat effect and chemical effect, so in the beginning when using single screw pump must be started within 2 ~ 3 times a minute, the aim is to ensure that between single screw pump stator and the rotor cavity can fully be washed clean.

5. The lower part of the motor is equipped with the upper but-thrust bearing, which has a groove on the thrust bearing to cool down, and it has a stainless steel thrust plate for grinding and the axial force of the upper factory of the love pump.

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