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Screw pump oil pump repair
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The repair of the poor pumping of the screw pump and the poor pumping condition of the screw pump during use are as follows:

Pump vibration

It may be that the electric rotor is unbalanced, or the coupling is poorly coupled, the bearing wears and bends, and parts of the rotating parts may be loose and broken; perhaps the piping brackets are not firm. Can be adjusted, repaired, reinforced, replaced, etc.

Pipe leaks or leaks

The nuts may not be tightly tightened during installation. If the leakage is not severe, apply oil sludge or oil slurry mixed with bitumen oil where the leak or oil leaks. Temporary repairs may be coated with wet mud or soft soap. If oil leaks at the joint, tighten the nut by hand. Severe oil spill must be re-installed.

Filler overheating

Due to too much pressure in the packing, the cooling oil cannot enter the packing, or the shaft surface is damaged. You can take appropriate measures such as loosening the packing and cleaning up the plugging of the tube. Filler wear must be replaced with new ones. Before the installation, soak in the engine oil and install it one by one. The incisions must be staggered to reduce oil leakage. After the last ring of packing is installed, the cover must be tightly fitted and the tightness adjusted after operation.

Oil pump does not suck oil or drain

The reason for this is that the bottom valve is stuck, the filter oil is partially blocked, the oil absorption height is too high, or the oil absorption leaks. It may also be due to incorrect steering and blocked impeller passages. After checking one by one, measures such as repairing the bottom valve, removing the plug, correcting the steering, and cleaning the impeller may be taken.

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