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Assembly and disassembly of deep well pump
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Deep well pump body and Yang pipe in borehole tens of metres underground, unlike other pump, but the entire hanging from the scene, but as a group assembled from bottom to top, and tear down from the top down as a group.

(1) assembly

First, insert the pump shaft into the inlet pipe and rotate the gasket and mounting nut onto the pump shaft at the bottom of the inlet pipe, so that the pump shaft is exposed to the lower flange of the inlet pipe 130 ~ 150mm(small pump takes small value and large pump takes large value). Insert the conical sleeve from the upper end to the pump shaft and push it to the inlet pipe so that the taper sleeve is pressed against the gasket at the bottom of the inlet pipe. Install the impeller and lock the lock. When all levels of impeller and pump are finished, remove the nuts and gaskets, measure the axial flow of the rotor, and require 6 ~ lOmm, if less than 4mm, reassemble. When adjusting nut and drive plate contact, all levels of the impeller are located on the pump body (axial), rotating adjusting nut 1 ~ 5/3 when the circle, make the rotor rise, ensure that the impeller and the pump body with certain axial clearance.

(2) remove

First demolition of pump and the basis of joint bolt, three feet pull rod, erected with field manual hoist will pump together with the underground part slowly lift a certain height, it in pipe clamping level at the end of the powder compact, will be hung on the clamping plate, wire rope, lifting parts by pump block transferred to the clamping plate. At this point, the pump seat can be removed. The lower part of the shaft is slowly hoisted to a certain height, and the next level of water pipe is tightened with another clamp, so that the lifting part is transferred to the lower water pipe. At this time, the first stage can be removed. If the lifting part is changed, the deep well pump can be completely removed. When the impeller is removed, the small head end of the tapered sleeve is offset with a special sleeve, and the other end of the special sleeve can be separated by the impeller and cone sleeve.

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